Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So we have decided to take the house off of the market. It is just too scary out in the world right now. Right now we are living below our means, which is good and feels safe. We are afraid that raising our house payment right now would not be a good idea. I am glad, I really am. I would have liked a new house because ours is so small, but I know this is for the good of the family!! Plus, Kendall is going to school full time next year so our child care cost is going to go up next year, so all in all this is a very wise choice!! Oh, and for the crazy customer of the week at work...(not really an award, but I think I will have to make it one from now on!) yesterday we had an elderly gentleman shopping with his daughter. I got a call to the front and the daughter said that they found two shirts on the 4.97 clearance rack and when they had the girl do a price check on it, it wasn't clearance it was on sale for 29.99, but since they shopped on that rack for 15 minutes they thought they should get the shirt for 4.97???? Of course we wouldn't let them and they got mad and stormed out muttering how they would never shop there again. Oy, who does that?

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nick & koren said...

good job taking your house off the market if you're not feeling peace about it. living where you're comfortable doesn't have a price, it's worth it.