Sunday, April 1, 2012


I love to read blogs, love love love!  That is why I wanted to start one.  I just don't know why I can't keep it up.  To catch of from my last post, I never did the stupid competition.  It just never came together for me.  Where am I at now?  Fitness wise, I have back pedaled so far back it is no even funny!  I honestly don't know why, regardless of why I am commiting myself to buckling down this month and getting back into shape.  I am following the plan in J.ackie War.ners new book.  I am so excited to start seeing results and feeling good about myself again!

Kid wise, they are doing so great.  Kellen is almost ten and in fourth grade and playing basketball right now.  Kendall is 7 and also playing basketball.  It is the cutest thing to see a bunch of first grade girls try and make hoops on a ten foot hoop.  She really does well though.

Dog wise, Asia is now over a year old and we have gotten a "sister" for her.  She will be about 25 pounds full grown.  She is a mutt of pitbull, pug and boston terrier.  Other than the potty training thing, things are going great with both dogs.  They love each other and play with each other, so cute!  Her name is India, Indy for short.

Job wise, I have left my postition as a supervisor in retail and am now a teller at a credit union.  So far I love it!  It is so not stressful and the people I work with are awesome!

I am hoping to keep this blog up so I can get more readers, but I have said that so many times in the past!