Friday, March 27, 2009


The answer is YES I have been using the gym. Granted, it has only been like a week, but so far so good. Although, I have noticed that when I really exert myself with weights I am extremely tired all day long (I have been waking up at 5:15 in the morning to workout). And I don't mean just a little tired, I mean dragging all day tired. Well, today I did a spin class and didn't have the same problems, I felt pretty good all day and am still holding my own at 9:00pm.

For those of you that don't know ( I think it is pretty much everyone who reads my blog, because I don't usually talk about it much) my older brother is in prison and went before the parole board for the second time (the first was two years ago and was denied). Well, we got word today that he was granted parole!! I am so excited, he has been in prison in Nevada since 2002. He has never met my almost seven year old son, nor my daughter. He will be living with my parents about three hours away in eastern Washington. I just hope and pray that he is truly ready!!

Well, that is the latest from here. Next week is spring vacation and I get to spend a couple days with the kids and my parents are coming at the end of the week!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gym Membership

So today I joined a gym. I got a good deal, but I am just concerned that I won't use it. I really hope I do though as summer is coming and my body is going!! I am going to meet with a trainer tonight, so hopefully that will kickstart something!! My plan is to go either early morning, or late evening after dinner (as if we didn't have enough going on in the evenings!). Kellen has started baseball and is loving it! Right now he is in two sports, he also has basketball. So we had baseball practice Mon. night, baseball game Tues. night, basketball practice tonight, baseball practice tomorrow night, basketball game Fri. night at baseball game Sat. afternoon. Wow, can't wait for Kendall to start playing sports too. Although, she is doing indoor soccer right now and is loving is. So, I am sure this is just a start of things to come. I will leave you with a picture of her in her soccer uniform:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So we have decided to take the house off of the market. It is just too scary out in the world right now. Right now we are living below our means, which is good and feels safe. We are afraid that raising our house payment right now would not be a good idea. I am glad, I really am. I would have liked a new house because ours is so small, but I know this is for the good of the family!! Plus, Kendall is going to school full time next year so our child care cost is going to go up next year, so all in all this is a very wise choice!! Oh, and for the crazy customer of the week at work...(not really an award, but I think I will have to make it one from now on!) yesterday we had an elderly gentleman shopping with his daughter. I got a call to the front and the daughter said that they found two shirts on the 4.97 clearance rack and when they had the girl do a price check on it, it wasn't clearance it was on sale for 29.99, but since they shopped on that rack for 15 minutes they thought they should get the shirt for 4.97???? Of course we wouldn't let them and they got mad and stormed out muttering how they would never shop there again. Oy, who does that?