Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kids...ya gotta love 'em

Yesterday, as I was getting Kendall dressed and ready for the day, I pulled her hair into a ponytail and saw that some of the hair wasn't going in the pony. So I we it down and then noticed that it wasn't going in because it was shorter than the rest. Me: "Kendall, did you cut your hair?" Her: (with big brown puppy eyes) "Uh Huh". Oh dear! I went into her room to see where this chopping took place. There on the chair of her arts and crafts table are beautiful strand of long curly blonde hair. Luckily, all I have to do is talk sternly to her and she is crushed, no spankings!! Well. last night after examining I decided that I would just cut her bangs to even it out. I got them all cut and straightened and it looked so cute. I asked her if she wanted to look and she said yes. Well, she immediately started crying and saying she doesn't like it and she looked funny. Great... now she looks like a poodle because she won't let me pull the bangs straight and they are just a big poof at the top of her head, right up front. I guess it will be a while until those family pictures are taken!!