Friday, October 12, 2007

So, this week we went to the pumpkin patch with Kellens classroom. It was the first time taking Kendall, she had a great time. She really liked the animals. Kellen really suprised me by participating in all the activities. If you don't know Kellen that well, he can be a bit apprehensive in certain situations. I was really happy that he really got in there and got his feet wet (well, at least muddy!!). I am going to downtown Portland this weekend with friends from my MOMS group. We are attending the Women of Faith conference at the Rose Garden. I am so excited to have a night away. It should be a great weekend of fun and fellowship. For anyone looking for a great deal on anything, on Sunday the 14th you can get an extra 20% off almost everything at JcPenney. If you are curious how, just ask me. I am hoping to keep up on this blog, all the menial things in our life for anyone interested. If nothing else, and outlet for me to come and get things of my chest. So, read if you want, if not, that is ok too because it is as much for me as my friends and family members.


Nancy said...

It was so good to see and hear from you. I can't believe it has been 8 years since you went to Vegas. I was so glad to see this. Last year we went to the pumpkin patch with Sean and family. It was really fun.

It will be fun to read about you, so keep it up.


Ann said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this. I'm always happy to keep us with all the details and the goings on with your lovely family. And thanks for the photos too. You look gorgeous! Hope your weekend away is lots of fun.

Miss you,