Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, in December we got a puppy.  In case you haven't guessed it, we called her Asia.  Not only am I not a dog person (I have been afraid of them ever since I was a kid), I am not a Doberman person.  It was always the fear of the unknown.  You see, I hate to not be in control.  Dogs are so unpredictable, you never know if or when they will bite you.  My husband has always wanted a Doberman and I always said no because growing up the Dobermans in the neighborhood had a horrible reputation, they always barked and you never quite knew if the rumors of them biting neighborhood kids were true or not.  Well, whatever I thought about Dobermans were not true.  At least not in Asias case, she is a very cuddly, sweet puppy.  I have never had a puppy so I didn't know quite what to expect.  Once we got past her getting up every two hours to pee every night, we have really enjoyed her.  I love to see the kids with her, she just loves them.  I am so glad that they will have a dog to grow up with.  So, here are some pictures of beautiful Asia:

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