Monday, February 15, 2010

That's Gonna Kill You

It seems that lately, someone is trying to tell me that some of the things I ingest into my body is gonna kill me. I don't get it, I work out, I (for the most part) eat healthy. But if someone sees me drinking a diet coke they want to tell me how bad the aspartame is for me. I know how bad the aspartame is for me, that is why I don't drink it every single day. The other day when someone had noticed that I have been tanning, told me how bad tanning was for me. I know that when you take these things out of control they can be bad for you. I find myself trying to defend these so called "bad decisions" all the time. Moderation people. I know the meaning of moderation. I don't drink diet coke every day, and I don't tan everyday. I just want to enjoy a diet coke here and there and I love the feeling of tanning, especially in the winter but only do it three times a week max. I think sometimes some people just want to put their two cents in...

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