Saturday, November 1, 2008

Update and pictures

So, the state liscensor called me yesterday to get my side of the story. Apparently, the day that this all happened the daycare lady called the liscensor to let her know what happened. So the liscensor now has both sides of the story. Luckily she now gets to ask the kids involved what happened. Hopefully they can get down to the bottome of things and get things taken care of. Like I have said, I don't want her to lose her liscense, I just want her to stop. Anyway, I want to update with Halloween pictures. All in all, it was a very successful night!!


The Millers said...

Hey Heather! Ran into your blog through Katrina's! Missed you at Friend to Friend! Hope to see you soon!

Katrina J. Cummins said...

Hi Heather - thanks for your note on my blog. I am really enjoying this modern technology. Trust you are well. Katrina.

nancy said...

You had to do it and good for you.